Curing MS through research

A cure for MS

MS is still unstoppable, because the cause is unknown. Research is the key to defeat MS. Thanks to research, scientists’ understanding of MS is getting better, but there are still plenty of missing pieces. The MS-Brain Bank is an example of recent research successes. The MS Brain Bank collects brain tissue from people with and without MS who have signed a special donor card. This brain material is made available to MS researchers and allows them to better investigate the disease process.

The development of MRI technology (magnetic resonance imaging) and the availability of MRI scans in hospitals is very important for research into MS. Using MRI scans it is now possible to better diagnose MS. Further research has led to new insights into cognitive rehabilitation. Once it was thought that the physical and mental invalidation in MS only progresses. However, it may be possible to rehabilitate the cognition, or "the learning and thinking”, which can therefore possibly remain functioning properly longer.

Mission Summit strongly believes that scientific research is the way forward for resolving this nerve-racking disease. Therefore, Mission Summit focuses on fundraising in order to allow more scientific research (Project Y). To ensure the money raised by Mission Summit is spend in a good way, there is a partnership with MS Research Foundation. The research proposal is independently reviewed by the Scientific Council of MS Research Foundation, which gives it an official earmark.

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