Take action

Would you also like to take action in the fight against MS? It's easier than you think and organizing an event for charity is very rewarding. Especially if you do it with friends, colleagues or family.

Organize your own event

You want to help Mission Summit and have a fantastic event in mind to raise money, but how do you make it work? To help you a little, we made a Stage Plan that gives you some useful tips on how to organize such an event.

The stage plan is a practical guide that helps you in 5 steps to put down a successful event. Big or small, anything is possible.

The package consists of a stage plan, a unique piggy bank, a poster, thank you cards and a small gadget.

Start your action today

Download via this link the stage plan and request rest of the package by filling in the contact form.

Of course you can use the logo and materials of Mission Summit. Think of things like beach flags, flyers etc. Also we like to brainstorm with you. For this you can contact Evelien Zandvliet via evelien@mission-summit.nl