Niels van Buren first male MS patient to reach summit Mount Everest

20 May - Mount Everest

Niels van Buren first male MS patient to reach summit Mount Everest

Today, Friday May 20th, after an intense journey of two months, Niels van Buren has finally achieved what he has for years intensively trained for: reaching the summit of Mount Everest. An exceptional achievement, as Niels was six years ago when he was 30 years old, diagnosed with the nerve disease multiple sclerosis (MS). This victory Niels makes the first man in the world with MS who has reached the summit of Mount Everest.

Niels’ ascent was, besides realizing his dream, dedicated to fundraising for research into this disease by inducing the Mission Summit foundation. Mission Summit foundation aims to make people to raise their limits and also raise awareness and money for research into MS.

"I knew beforehand that it would be a bizarre journey, but no one can prepare for the extremes I have experienced." Lack of oxygen and abnormal weather conditions? Niels has experienced it all over the past two months. "You obviously read some things on the internet and hear stories, but you never realize how intense it is when you experience it yourself. It was very hard, but that makes me feel even more proud to have conquered Mount Everest!"

For a while it was uncertain whether Niels would reach the top. Just before he left for his biggest challenge ever, Niels experienced tingling in his feet, whereby the feeling in his feet was slowly reduced. His neurologist prof. Dr. Bernard Uitdehaag ensured that the risks were limited to the minimum and Niels was strong enough to handle the challenge. Now, two months later, this has paid off by making an unforgettable dream become a reality.

"It all feels a little unreal," Niels responding. "As if it was a dream and I will wake up again in a few hours. Slowly I come to realize that I stood on top of the world. I do not know what the future will bring me, because there is still so much unknown. MS remains an unpredictable disease. That is why I am proud that I have succeeded. As long as I can I will be dedicated to the fight for a world without MS."

Scientific research: Project Y

Mission Summit strongly believes that scientific research is the way forward to a world without this nerve-racking disease. That is why this mission is also linked to fundraising. The goal is to raise at least € 400 000,-. This is the amount needed to conduct the study "Project Y - Why expires MS everybody else?", initiated by Prof. Bernard Uitdehaag, neurologist and director of the VUmc MS Center Amsterdam, For more information about this study visit the VUmc MS Center website.

Niels is expected to return to the Netherlands on Thursday, June 2nd. The year 2016 will remain dedicated to fundraising for Project Y. The next fundraising event is already coming up; on May 28 the largest indoor climbing event in the Netherlands: Climbing Mountains for MS will take place, organized by Mission Summit foundation in collaboration with Mountain Network. For more information, visit the Mountain Network website.



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This press information is sent on behalf of Mission Summit. Niels is very limited available for interviews when he returns home. Please contact Anouk Schepers for more information. Tel .: 06-46 32 04 41. Email: anouk@pr-essure.com.

About Mission Summit

Mission Summit foundation was founded in 2011 when a group of nine friends decided to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Just before the ascent Niels was diagnosed with MS. The group of friends therefore decided to link the climb of Kilimanjaro to a charity cause: the fight against MS. A foundation was established called Mission Summit for which over € 35,000 - was raised for MS research. In 2016, the foundation goes a step further as Niels aims to be the first Dutchman with MS to climb Mount Everest climb in order to raise money for the fight against MS. The Mission Summit foundation has the ANBI status. You can donate directly to IBAN: NL37 INGB 0005 3287 28 for Mission Summit foundation.