Expedition training

31 May - Alpen

Expedition training

In preparation to the Lenin Peak Expedition a training and altitude training is organized in the Mont Blanc massif in France and in Valais, Switzerland. The aim is for the Mission Summit climbers to gain experience with staying in tents in the mountains, including tent set up and break down in the snow, pass the night in Alpine conditions (cold temperatures and wind) and prepare our own food by cooking on burners. In addition, much attention is given to techniques which are also needed in the ascent of Peak Lenin (ascender technique, cross crevasses, various rope techniques, etc.). The physical condition of the participants will also be put to the test, including several trips with heavy packs and the ascent of Mont Blanc through the technical ‘Trois Mont Blancs’ side.


Day 1: Arrival Chamonix, overnight in chalet Tissieres.

Day 2: Climbing Aiguille du Midi (3842 m) via Arête des Cosmiques or traverse Pt Lachenal with practising securing in the snow, stopping a fall on a snow slope, practise with ascender). Overnight chalet Tissieres.

Day 3: Ascent of L'index (technical rocky ridge) where exercises are done with abseiling and climbing steep terrain. Overnight chalet Tissieres.

Day 4: Travel by private transport to Zermatt. Overnight in tents on top of little Matterhorn (3980 m). Overnight in tent.

Day 5: Crossing the Breithorn (4164 m). Overnight in tent.

Day 6: Ascent of Castor (4226 m) or Pollux (4092 m). Return to Chamonix. Overnight in chalet in Chamonix.

Day 7: Rest day. Overnight in chalet in Chamonix.

Day 8: Ascent of the Tour Ronde (3792 m). Overnight in tent.

Day 9: Traverse of the Vallee Blanche glacier and climb Mont Blanc du Tacul (4248 m). Overnight in tent.

Day 10: Ascent of Mont Blanc via the ‘Trois Mont Blanc’. This climb is through the Tacul and Mont Maudit (4465 m) to the summit of Mont Blanc (4810 m). Overnight in tent.

Day 11: Return Chamonix via Aiguille du Midi. Overnight in chalet in Chamonix.

Take action

The expedition is organized by our partner Mountain Network. Do you want to take action for Mission Summit and realize a long-cherished dream by for example climbing Mont Blanc? Please inquire via info@mission-summit.nl about how you can take action. Also check out our take action page.

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