Vincent runs marathon for Mission Summit

18 October - Amsterdam

Vincent runs marathon for Mission Summit

Who am I?

My name is Vincent Wiering. I have run (middle) long distances including 16 KM and half marathons on a regular basis for many years. Running has an important role in my life both as an active runner and also as a volunteer. I can really enjoy a walk in the fresh air and the way you can clear your mind while you run. On October 18, 2015 during the Amsterdam Marathon I will make an attack on my marathon time of last year: 5:20 hours.

Why do I run for Mission Summit?

To add an extra dimension for me and for supporting a very nice colleague, I decided to walk the Amsterdam Marathon for Mission Summit foundation. I am very proud of my colleague Niels van Buren who takes up the challenge to climb mountains and so to raise funds for research into MS. When I see with how much fun and perseverance he takes on these big challenges, I find that every time very impressive. Looking at Niels, it would be a shame if he were not able to do this anymore because of his MS. His striving to get the most out life is something I see as a good motivation to make just that extra step.

What is Mission Summit?

Mission Summit is a foundation which has its origin in 2011 when nine friends climbed Kilimanjaro. Shortly before the ascent would take place, one of the participants (Niels van Buren) was diagnosed with MS. This has motivated him and his friends to raise money for research into MS. Now, the team goes a step further with the ascent of other mountains with the ultimate goal of reaching the summit of Mount Everest!

Support me in the struggle Mission Summit wages against MS!

Donate via NL37 INGB 0005 3287 28 in the name of Foundation Mission Summit citing Marathon Vincent.