22 February - Amsterdam

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MSzien interviews Niels van Buren about Mt Everest climb

6 September - Haarlem

MSzien interviewed Niels Van Buren about his climbing expedition to Mount Everest. Niels talks about his experiences dur(...)
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Hire Niels van Buren as speaker for lectures

5 August - Amsterdam

Being the first man with MS to reach the summit of Mount Everest, Niels van Buren has a special storyto tell. Niels has (...)
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Niels van Buren guest of radioshow Tijd voor Max on Radio 5

18 July - Hilversum

Niels van Buren was a guest of the Tijd voor Max Radio radioshow on Radio 5. He was interviewed by Jeroen Latijnhouwers (...)
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VROUW interviews Evelien and Niels after reaching summit of Mount Everest

6 June - Haarlem

Evelien Zandvliet kept a vlog for VROUW while Niels van Buren climbed Mount Everest. Evelien joined him until Base (...)
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"It was dazzlingly beautiful" RTV NH interviews Niels van Buren

4 June - Haarlem

RTV NH spoke with Niels Van Buren a week after returning from his ascent of Mount Everest. The expedition was mentally a(...)
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Niels van Buren at summit Mt Everest thanks to our sponsors

3 June - Amsterdam

We are very pleased with the support of our sponsors who support Mission Summit in the fight against MS. Thanks to them,(...)
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MS patient Niels van Buren on talkshow RTL Late Night

31 May - Amsterdam

Yesterday Niels van Buren was a guest on Dutch talkshow RTL Late Night on RTL4. He was interviewed by Humberto Tan (...)
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Niels van Buren on radio show De Nieuws BV

31 May - Hilversum

This afternoon Niels van Buren was a guest in the NPO Radio 1 program De Nieuws BV. He was interviewed about his experie(...)
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Niels van Buren interview by De Telegraaf

30 May - Amsterdam

Today Dutch national newspaper De Telegraaf published an interview with Niels van Buren. In the interview Niels tells ab(...)
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See Niels van Buren on the summit of Mount Everest

27 May - Amsterdam

On May 20, 2016 Niels van Buren reached the summit of Mount Everest after a grueling climb. This makes him the first mal(...)
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Niels van Buren's preparations filmed by Haarlem 105

22 May - Haarlem

Haarlem105 follows Niels in his preparations in a three part series. Here you can see the second part. In this part(...)
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Update expedition Niels van Buren

21 May - Amsterdam

This morning, the terrible news has reached Mission Summit Foundation that Eric Arnold, the expedition team pa(...)
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Niels van Buren first male MS patient to reach summit Mount Everest

20 May - Mount Everest

Today, Friday May 20th, after an intense journey of two months, Niels van Buren has finally achieved what he has fo(...)
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Expedition Mission Summit in anticipation of summiting Mount Everest

13 May - Nepal

Climbing Mount Everest is physically very challenging mainly due to the thin air at high altitude. Niels van Buren (...)
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Impression base camp Mount Everest

3 May - Nepal

Niels van Buren's ascent of Mount Everest is still going well! He arrived in Camp 2 at 6300 meters on Apri(...)
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Mission Summit Everest expedition reaches summit Lobuche East

19 April - Nepal

The Mount Everest expedition where Niels van Buren is part of has reached the summit of Lobuche East (6050 meters).(...)
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Mission Summit support team reaches Everest base camp

18 April - Nepal

The Mission Summit support team, which includes Niels van Buren's girlfriend Evelien, actor Pim Wessels an(...)
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Mount Everest expedition Mission Summit in Algemeen Dagblad

7 April - Haarlem

Today (April 7) the newspaper Algemeen Dagblad published a nice article. In it Niels tells his story to be the(...)
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Everest expedition Mission Summit in Metro news

29 March - Amsterdam

Metro News has published an article about the upcoming Mt Everest ascent by Niels van Buren. There is also a video in th(...)
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Local TV station has item on Niel's Mt Everest expedition

25 March - Haarlem

The local TV station RTV Noord Holland has made an item about Niels´ upcoming Mt. Everest expedition. In the movie(...)
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Niels van Buren at Dutch TV show Jinek

3 February - Amsterdam

Niels van Buren was a guest at the talk show Jinek. He was interviewed by Eva Jinek about the upcoming expedition to Mou(...)
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Interview with Niels van Buren in newspaper Het Parool

30 January - Amsterdam

This weekend the Dutch newspaper Het Parool published an interview with Niels van Buren. In this full-pag(...)
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Press release Mount Everest climb Niels van Buren

28 January - Amsterdam

The following press release was sent today. For more information, please contact: Anouk Schepers. Tel: +31 6-46 32 (...)
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Endurance test and new coach

10 November - Haarlem

Last Tuesday Niels has done an endurance test. This tested his maximum heart rate, at which point the muscles fill up wi(...)
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Niels van Buren prepares for Mt Everest

18 October - Haarlem

Meanwhile Niels is already busy with preparations for the ascent of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world! Ha(...)
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Interview with Niels van Buren in the Haarlems Dagblad

3 August - Haarlem

Today the Haarlems Dagblad published a nice interview with Niels van Buren following his training expedition to Peak Len(...)
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Training expedition Niels van Buren on

25 July - Haarlem

The website posted a news article [in Dutch] about Niels van Buren's training expedition on Pe(...)
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Article in the Haarlems Dagblad about Niels van Buren

17 July - Haarlem

Last Saturday the Haarlems Dagblad published an article about Niels van Buren's training expedition on Peak Len(...)
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Dutch MS patient Niels van Buren climbs Peak Lenin

5 July - Kirgizie

Ascent is training to reach the world's highest mountain in 2016 in the fight against MS Haarlem, July 5, 2015 - Du(...)
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Interview with Niels van Buren and Jan Hein Blom

1 June - Amsterdam

On the occasion of its 35th anniversary MS Reseach Foundation has published a special magazine with the title Koraal (Co(...)
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In the news on Haarlem 105

28 May - Haarlem

Team Mission Summit was mentioned on the radio and website of Haarlem 105 in the context of ‘Climbing against MS&r(...)
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World MS day

27 May - Frankrijk

Today is World MS Day. Monday, May 25, 15 cyclists and runners of team Mission Summit climbed Mont Ventoux during the a(...)
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Reportage Climbing Against MS 2015

25 May - Mont Ventoux

CLIMBING TOGETHER AGAINST MS Mission Summit climbed Mont Ventoux again this year. The team which originated from a grou(...)
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20 May - Zeewolde

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28 April - aardbeving-2015

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2 February - Nederland

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25 September - Elbrus

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22 August - Haarlem

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Mont Blanc

18 August - Mont Blanc

Just one day after their return, Niels van Buren, Jan Hein Blom and Matthijs Stillebroer where already interviewd by &qu(...)
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