I am Wim van Wijngaarden, 42 years old. I live in Stolwijk (ZH) with my wife Renate and two very nice children, Seb and Anna. I work at NIBC Bank as head Northwest Europe in the Offshore Energy sector. In my spare time I do running, football and the children keep me busy. I love the cozy and friendly countryside, but I also feel at home in crowded or distant places.

Why are you committed to Mission Summit?

I got involved in Mission Summit because I went to Nijenrode together with a number of other people involved and also got to know Niels. After his climb of Mount Everest, I think it was really time to do something for Mission Summit and no longer to stay on the sidelines. I am committed to the mission of the foundation, an MS-free world, and the support of the Project Y of Bernard Uitdehaag. The fact that I am allowed to work with people who are highly motivated and competent, each in his field, makes it all the more fun. With Niels and all those involved, I feel that everything is there to continue building Mission Summit and I hope to do my part.

What do you do within the team?

As treasurer, I am responsible for the finances and also for all ANBI related matters. Furthermore, I hope to add something with my peasant wit and to contribute to a good atmosphere so that we continue to work on our mission with the positive energy that is already present.

Are you going to climb mountains yourself?

Because of some physical inconveniences from my football history that might be difficult, but I will help everyone who is going to do that, so we can overcome each mountain that we are going to climb!