Niels van Buren

I am Niels van Buren, 37 years old and since 2010 I know that I have MS. I live with Evelien in Haarlem. I am adventurous, love to travel and love good food. I am commercial director of internet marketing agency Swink webservices. I am also an active member of the Round Table 110 in Aalsmeer.

Meanwhile, Niels has reached the summit of Mount Everest! This movie made by Metro News provides a view of this special moment.

Why are you active for Mission Summit?

Because in 20 years I still want to be able to climb mountains. To achieve this, research into MS is desperately needed. Since my diagnosis, I along with friends and family have organized many different sponsor activities to raise funds for research into MS. In total, these actions have so far yielded approximately 70,000 euros. The actions are a good way for me to deal with MS. It gives me a lot of energy and inspiration. It is very instructive to put on such a project. After climbing Kilimanjaro and 3 times the Mont Ventoux on bicycle in 2012 for climbing against MS, I was looking for a new challenge. This is how Mission Summit 2.0 came to be.

What is your role in the team?

I am the climber of the team and will climb the mountains, with Mount Everest as the final goal.

Will you climb mountains yourself?

As the climber of the team, of course I'm going to climb all the mountains. To reach the required physical fitness, I cycle a lot, both mountain biking and racing and I started running. I have a strict training program to build up enough strength and stamina.