I'm Brigitte Vogelsangs, 41 years old, married to Bas and I live in the lively 's-Hertogenbosch. I am Project & Category Manager at Category Electronics Company (www.ct-company.nl).

What is your role in the team?

My role within Mission Summit is marketer, responsible for advertising, branding and target audience positioning.

Why are you active for Mission Summit?

It began in 2011, how often do you get the chance to do something special like climbing Kilimanjaro with a fun group of people full of energy and motivation? Unique! So I quickly said yes. A great challenge in every respect. And it turned out great. Looking at the world from Kilimanjaro's summit with nine friends, was an indescribable experience, something you will cherish forever. Fun, energy and intense friendships are my main motivation to join Mission Summit again. This time, my personal goal is not a climb, but inspiration and creativity to achieve a very ambitious goal again with a fantastic group of powerful people.

I really love to travel, it gives a sense of freedom, travel is experiencing, learning and understanding. It helps me in my work and personal development. The most beautiful book I've read, is also about travel and how I experience it, who has read it will understand what I mean. The title already somewhat refers to it: 'Atlas on strike.’ What I will definitely bring with me in the coming years? A small book in which I can describe the most beautiful moments and experiences. If there is a possibility, I would take a couple of trips to the foot of mountains to climb in order to help meet the goals.