I'm Bas Vogelsangs and I live in the beautiful 's-Hertogenbosch, I'm married to Brigitte and I’m an entrepreneur in the area of renewable energy. Like a true Burgundian I love good food and drink which I like to combine with a good conversation. I go out for a run a number of times a week to compensate my exuberant lifestyle.

Why are you active for Mission Summit?

I admire the motivation of my good friend Niels to fight against his disease MS. It's nice to work with such motivated people with a very important purpose; a world without MS. Participating in Mission Summit 1.0 has also taught me besides the fantastic experience of the Kilimanjaro climb that I get a lot of satisfaction from organizing such a mission. The cooperation within the team, help you sometimes get in unexpected ways, difficulties that you overcome together - all this makes me very happy to be part of Mission Summit 2.0!

What is your role in the team?

The activities of our mission are housed in an official foundation "Mission Summit." I am the chairman of the board of this foundation. Together with two other directors we coordinate the various activities and we ensure that the goals of the foundation are monitored.

Will you climb mountains yourself?

The project Mission Summit 2.0 extends over a period of three years and represents for me the mountain I want to climb. All facets that are part of mountaineering will (at least figuratively) be addressed. I think it’s fantastic to be able to go on this expedition, I like to leave the physical summit to Niels.