Project Y

Scientific research to cure MS

The disease multiple sclerosis is incurable. Mission Summit Foundation is committed to change this and thus to achieve a world free of MS. We strongly believe that scientific research is the way to achieve this goal. Therefore, all donations and gifts that we receive benefit new scientific research. This study is called Project Y.

Project Y is a new study by the VU University Medical Center

Project Y is new research into the disease MS. To make this study possible there’s still a lot of money needed. Your help is needed! Find out what you can do in the fight against MS!

This study, which will be conducted by Mission Summit ambassador prof. Dr. Bernard Uitdehaag, aims to get more insight in the disease. The research focuses on why one patient with multiple sclerosis is relatively well for a long time, while the other quickly has many limitations. "If we know what disease mechanisms cause the constraints, we can make more targeted interventions," said prof. Dr. Bernard Uitdehaag, neurologist and director of the VUmc MS Center Amsterdam.

Project Y is a large study of all Dutch people with MS who were born in 1966. People born in 1966 generally have had MS a long time and therefore the course of their disease is clear. Therefore, it is an appropriate group for the study.

Would you like to be kept informed about Project Y, please send an email to
Are you eligible to participate in this study (you were born in 1966 and you have MS), please state this in your email.

More information about Project Y can be found on this information page of the VU University Medical Center.