Mission Summit has its origins in 2011 when 9 friends (team Mission Summit) climbed Kilimanjaro. Shortly before the ascent would take place, one of them, Niels van Buren, was diagnosed with MS. This has motivated us to found Mission Summit and collect a lot of money for research into MS. Now Mission Summit team goes one step further with the ascent of other mountains!

Our mission is to climb mountains to raise money for research and to ask attention for MS and MS and MS patients. What makes Mission Summit unique is that Niels has MS. He is the first Dutchman with MS who climbed Mount Everest and reached the summit (in May 2016). The purpose is to inspire others to also come into action.

Raising money

We strongly believe that scientific research is the way forward for the solution to this nerve-racking disease. Especially to the progressive form of MS much research is still needed. So far Mission Summit has donated more than 100,000 euros for scientific research, but there is much more money needed. All donations and gifts that we receive will be entirely devoted to scientific research. Specifically new research by Mission Summit ambassador prof. dr. Bernard Uitdehaag called Project Y.

Call attention

At this moment, 17,000 people in the Netherlands and 2,500,000 people worldwide suffer from the nerve disease MS (Multiple Sclerosis). There is a lot of money needed for research to find a cure for MS. Our goal is to get as much money available for scientific research that could lead to a cure for MS. With Mission Summit we seek attention and we want to make everyone in the world aware of MS and its consequences. We aim for a world without MS.


It is our mission to defeat MS worldwide. It is crucial to keep moving. This is true for both MS patients and researchers to this nerve-racking disease. We get ourselves moving and want to inspire others to get moving too. We also want to challenge you to set a goal and climb your (proverbial) mountain.

Friends for life | moving mountains for MS

Will you help us to defeat MS or are you inspired to climb your own mountain? We can help you! For more information send an email to info@mission-summit.nl

A gift is under conditions tax deductible. For more information go to anbi.nl/belastingvoordeel/ (Dutch website).