Professor Bernard Uitdehaag


Neurologist and epidemiologist


  • Medical education in Nijmegen
  • Training as a neurologist in Amsterdam
  • Training as an epidemiologist in Amsterdam


  • Involved in MS research since 1985
  • PhD in MS research in Amsterdam
  • Professor of neurology, with multiple sclerosis as main area of research 
  • Head of the Department of Neurology at VU University Medical Center
  • Director VUmc MS Center Amsterdam
  • Ambassador of Mission Summit

Motivation to become ambassador of Mission Summit:

"Mission Summit sets a goal and does everything to reach the top. That’s what I do as well regarding research into multiple sclerosis (MS). I want to be able to treat people with MS better and preferably to cure them. Scientific research into MS is the most important way to achieve that goal. Initiatives such as Mission Summit make such research possible. That to me is an important reason to support this as an ambassador."

"I admire the way Niels deals with his illness and the people of Mission Summit. They have chosen to work for a world without MS. By entering into extreme challenges they ask attention for the disease and they inspire people to take action against MS, that’s really great! I support it wholeheartedly."

All donations to Mission Summit benefit new research (Project Y) by prof. dr. Bernard Uitdehaag in the disease MS.

Want to learn more about prof. dr. Bernard Uitdehaag and Mission Summit? Then ask via info@mission-summit.nl.