Are you ready to move your own mountains in 2019? Mission Summit challenges you to mark at least one item from your bucket list by the end of 2019 and take on the ultimate challenge: climbing the highest mountain in Africa; the Kilimanjaro!

Mission Summit was founded in 2011 when a group of friends had set a goal to climb Kilimanjaro. When one of the friends was diagnosed with MS, this goal received an extra charge. The friends decided to link their goal to fundraising to help MS out of the world. It is now time for a new climb!


In the Netherlands about 17,000 (1 in 1000) people have MS, worldwide there are more than 2.5 million. This disease of the central nervous system has a major impact on the lives of MS patients and their environment, since the disease is chronic and people with MS are stuck to a medication trajectory throughout their lives. There is no solution for MS yet.

By climbing the Kilimanjaro Mission Summit wants to bring MS to the attention of the general public. The participants in the climb will endeavor to ask more attention for MS and raise money for research into MS. With the attempt to climb Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the highest mountain in Africa, a unique team is formed that together battle the MS and take on a very nice sporting challenge.

There will be people with MS and people without MS. The participants with MS have a form of MS where they can still do relatively much. The participants feel a great responsibility to bring MS to the attention and raise money for research into MS.


Mission Summit believes that scientific research is the way forward for solving this nerve-racking disease. That is why this expedition is linked to fundraising. The goal is to raise at least € 50,000. This amount will benefit the research 'Project Y - Why does MS go differently for everyone'. This research has been initiated by Prof. dr. Dr. Bernard Uitdehaag, neurologist and director of the VUmc MS Center Amsterdam and also ambassador of Mission Summit.

More information about Project Y can be found on the VUmc site.


Mission Summit offers you the chance to climb along with the Mountain Network. At an attractive price you can become part of the Mission Summit team. In order to be able to experience this unique experience, you will therefore have to move your own mountains.
The goal is to raise € 50,000, and that requires your help! A prerequisite for participation is the raising of at least € 1,000 in sponsorship money on top of the costs that will accompany the trip and the ascent. How? You are completely free!

Via the MoveS platform you can easily create your own promotional page where you can receive donations directly. More information about this will follow soon.


The date is not yet fixed but the climb will take place in the beginning of October 2019 in view of the weather conditions on the Kilimanjaro. The climb takes about 7 days and the total journey takes at least 10 days. To get an idea of the program you can check out the Mountain Network website.
The expected participation costs (excluding travel expenses) are approximately € 2.850, -


You do not need a mountaineering experience to participate in the Kilimanjaro expedition. You do need a good basic condition and especially a good dose of motivation and perseverance. Mountain hiking experience is certainly an advantage. During the preparation and information sessions, we will pay special attention to this and discuss the possibilities of training with each other for preparation.


Please contact us by sending an email or sign up for the information session on the 21st of January 2019.