Elbrus is a volcanic mountain and with its 5,642m the highest mountain in the Caucasus, Russia and Europe. One of the seven summits!


Day 1 (26 Jul.) Flight from Moscow to Mineralnye Vody. Afterwards journey by local transport to the Baksan Valley. Overnight in hostel.
Day 2 (27 Jul.) Acclimatization tour to Kogutay (3,850 m). Overnight in hostel
Day 3 (28 Aug.). By Azau cable car to Garabashi barrels (3,800 m) and acclimatization tour to Priut 11 (4,100 m). Overnight Garabashi barrels.
Day 4 (29 Jul.) Acclimatization of Garabashi barrels to Pastuchow rocks at 4,700 m. Overnight Garabashi barrels.
Day 5 (30 Jul.) Day off / training day at Camp 1. Overnight Garabashi barrels or Priut 11 cabin.
Day 6 (31 Jul.) Summit day. Climb West top of Elbrus (5,642 m). Overnight Garabashi barrels.
Day 7 (1 September.) Reserve day. Overnight Garabashi barrels.
Day 8 (Sept. 2). Descent to Baksan Valley. Overnight in hostel.
Day 9 (Sept. 3). Local transport to Mineralnye Vody. Flight from Mineralnye Vody to Moscow. Then return to the Netherlands or onward journey.

Take Action

The expedition is organized by our partner Mountain Network. Do you want to take action for Mission Summit and realize a long-cherished dream by for example climbing Elbrus? Please inquire via info@mission-summit.nl about how you can take action. Also check out our take action page.

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